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The SaaS Factory invests in, acquires, and operates SaaS businesses. Depending on the stage of the business:

  • Develops new SaaS products which solve complex business problems
  • Invests in new or existing SaaS companies in an effort to optimize their profitability and market effectiveness
  • Consults SaaS product owners to expand their products into new growth areas

The initial investment vehicle depends on the type and stage. Typically:

  • Majority investments, mergers, and acquisitions come directly from the SaaS Factory
  • Minority investments from the SaaS Fund

Follow on investments and additional capital can come from either at that point.

While we’re not always a fit, we often can point in the right direction. A few points of commonality for those we’ve invested in:

  • The majority of revenue is derived from software as a service or licensing revenue
  • You’re past the concept phase of business and are getting early feedback and interest from target customers
  • Annual recurring revenue is typically between $100k and $20m

While there are exceptions, we rarely invest in the concept phase of a business. There are other funds and capital sources for this stage.

If your company matches the criteria above and/r has strong ties to a subject matter areas where we’ve got existing investments, reach out and start the conversation.

  • Discovered, negotiated, and acquired Willco in September 2017
    • Cybersecurity credentials management for the DoD, compliance management
    • Largest credentials management application in the federal government
  • Consolidated and systemized operations, cross trained sustainability
  • Expanded prospect and lead pool
  • In 24 months, 290% increase of monthly revenue 
  • September 2019 Awarded $10m Army contract, and sole source justification

We operate a portfolio of our SaaS products, where we maintain controlling interest and build the businesses. We are in the business of building SaaS companies. On a practical note this means:

  1. We know how to build and scale a SaaS business from many different perspectives. We use this perspective when investing in portfolio companies from the fund.
  2. We are always in pursuit of additional acquisitions, and proactively seek and see more opportunities.
  3. We leverage an industry leading platform to manage our portfolio and have developed a best practice approach to product roadmapping.  We offer options to run your product management for you, run it with you, or train you to manage it yourself.

If your company is a SaaS business, we can help.

While SaaS Factory has no direct services besides investment management, our majority-owned portfolio companies are built and operated in house via Metisentry . We consider it one of our strongest value propositions to make these services available to all portfolio companies. Our portfolio is powered by Metisentry, to get to market faster with less executional risk.

  • Product/Market research and pitch deck formation
  • UI/UX and corresponding user mapping
  • Software Development and Architecture
  • Onboarding, Service Desk
  • Cloud management and Devops 
Dont be shy, Just tell us about yourself and we’ll figure out the best option for you or your company

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