Growing SaaS products with The SaaS Factory.

We acquire, invest, and scale SaaS businesses.
The SaaS Factory is built to optimize the value and growth of SaaS products:

Rigourous, consistent strategic planning & visioning


Structured feature/release management cadence for maximum valuation and market fit


Product positioning for sustainable business growth


Access to our industry leading SaaS DevOps team

“The SaaS Factory Team is a creative, collaborative partner for SaaS business planning. The team impressed us with a deep dive into market research, guiding us to new market segments for revenue and growth that we hadn’t considered. SaaS Factory team members were focused, flexible and responsive to our needs throughout the project. Their expertise in growing SaaS products helped distill our vision and goals for our product down to the essentials for the next phase.”

-Andrew Vaeth (CEO, CauseAxis)

Accelerate your exit with The SaaS Factory

The SaaS Factory is a holding and investment company of SaaS products at various levels of growth. We are structured to optimize and grow the portfolio through investment and strategic business / product planning, leveraging our Enterprise Release Management platform and best practice product planning methodology.

The SaaS Factory has different vehicles for making investments: ranging from minority holdings through wholly owned acquisitions.

The SaaS Factory

  • A portfolio of majority owned SaaS businesses
  • Operated by the SaaS Factory team to varying degrees
  • Investors: limited to individuals (* not currently seeking capital)
  • Entrepreneurs: seeking to exit or operationally partner with SaaS Factory

The SaaS Venture Fund

Investors: Individuals, Funds, Institutional

Entrepreneurs: Raising seed or early stage capital

Deal flow, due diligence, and selection process managed by SaaS Factory

Seed and early stage (<5m ARR)

Follow on, scaling investment

Investor Marling Engle and SaaS Factory team up with Akron’s Fusion Ventures Fund


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